Laundry Love Uses Whale of a Wash in Strasburg


STRASBURG, Va. - Laundry Love in Strasburg is giving the gift of clean clothes. In 2003, a group of college kids in California helped one man with his laundry and it lead to something much bigger. 

"They met a homeless gentleman and they asked him what they could do to help. He told them that helping him do his laundry would be helpful because he felt like if he had clean clothes, he would be treated better," said Laundry Love volunteer, Jen Roszelle. 

With over 30,000 Laundry Love programs nationwide, Jen decided to bring one to Strasburg, Va. The organization funds more than 1,000,000 loads each year which helps low-income families budget for other necessities. 

"I just thought what a great way to help out the community in a small way, but it's not such a small way for a lot of people," said Laundry Love volunteer, Marcy Baber. 

The last Wednesday of each month laundry love visits the Whale of a Wash Laundromat in Strasburg from 6 to 8 PM. 

9 Reasons to use our Drop Off Service

  1. Convenience-Drop off your clothes in less than 2 minutes. Use a credit card or cash to pay, and off you go! Pick up is even easier. Bring back your ticket, get your nice little package of fresh clothes, and off you go! Laundry. Done.

  2. Time Saver-Think of all the time you can save by reclaiming your laundry hours. Separating, washing, folding, ironing. Let us do it and go attack that other more important to-do list.

  3. Fresh Clothes-We use name brand soaps trusted by the experts. They’ll always smell amazing. Or, if you prefer, bring your own preferred brand and they’ll smell just like home when you get them back.

  4. Expert Attention-We will make sure we have the right stuff to get those fresh stains out. Just point them out, tell us what they are and we will do our best to have them gone when you pick up. Grass? Dirt? Wine? Unknown? Well, we aren’t magicians or anything but there is a product for every stain. (Old stains are a different story….but we’ll still try because we care!)

  5. Better for the Environment-Our machines use less water and operate at higher speeds and hotter temperatures than any consumer brand out there. We are better for the environment because we reduce dry time to a science. We carefully measure the perfect amount of soap, and we are masters of efficiency, getting the most out of every load possible.

  6. Perfectly Folded-We will fold, stack and organize like a zen master ninja. Our goal is to make putting away your clothes as fast and easy as possible. HiYA!

  7. No more laundromats-I mean, we love our laundromats, but we realize it isn’t everyone’s favorite place to be.

  8. Let us do the fixing-Our expert team of technicians keep our machines up and running so there is never a delay in getting your laundry done.

  9. Reduce that pile of clothes-You know, that one that lays around you washing machine, threatening to gobble it up? Give it to us. We love it.

All New Drop Off Service

At Whale of a Wash, we've always specialized in the art of maintaining high quality machines so that our valued customers have a good experience doing their own laundry. We like clean and tidy stores, well lit with very little down time on our machines. Our technicians have the knowledge and skills to handle anything a machine throws their way. Now, we are into the softer side of things by opening our very first Wash, Dry, and Fold service in Shepherdstown and in Martinsburg. We'd love for you to let us do your laundry so you can reclaim your free time! Our prices are the lowest in the area at $1 per pound and comforters and rugs are priced separately. Have a business? We'd love to make you our customer on a recurring basis. Just stop in during our business hours and we will create an account for you. 

Let Us Do Your Laundry